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I’ve been an academic for around 35 years. My teaching has been in the area of physiology with a specialisation in human sensory systems, particularly around the visual system and perception.

I have a passion for teaching and learning and have always sought to improve this, and generally looking for technology enhancements that will enable my students to learn in a way that is engaging and relevant for them. There have been many avenues that have led disappointingly to a dead end or technology full-stop, but others that have led to great things and personal satisfaction for my students and me.

I always strive to treat students as learners who already have incredible knowledge and my goal is to find ways of connecting things to their own knowledge and experience base. This way they will expand their knowledge organically, and not just theoretically.

I want to complete the CMALT for these reasons:

  1. Personal satisfaction
  2. Systematic recognition for my journey
  3. CMALT accreditation

Mark Schier September 2020

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